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Who we are

Since its establishment, EFT Consult has become a leader in saving organisations money through assessing all aspects of energy consumption across every element of usage and by using this information, provides both short and long term solutions to its clients.

EFT Consult has developed to become experts in the implementation of the principles of the circular economy (hyperlink to services/the circular economy page) and provides advice through strategy development to enable organisations across all sectors to transition towards a circular model of operation.

With specialist skills in energy and environmental management services, the company promotes the well-being of businesses and their people, thus helping numerous organisations move towards a more healthy, responsible and sustainable future.

Our approach

Through offering a unique and holistic approach that applies economic, environmental health, cultural and social well-being principles into business, EFT Consult can enable organisations to:

  • Save business costs
  • Reduce their environmental impact and business operational risk
  • Maximise the overall well-being of business operations
  • Apply guiding principles of the circular economy BS 8001