Energy Efficiency and Quality

With an ever increasing demand for power, it is important for organisations to understand the performance of its building’s energy. This is critical to ensure an effective and secure source of energy to maintain operational continuity.

Within the UK, standards for this are being continually developed and implemented by Government initiatives such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and Part L of the Building Regulations, to name but a few.

Metering and monitoring energy consumption gives owners and operators valuable information about how their buildings are performing. This can deliver substantial, almost instant improvements. Energy metering and monitoring systems can help with identifying cost cutting opportunities by detecting inefficiencies, benchmarking building performance, improving load planning and energy usage, and managing demand to ensure there is minimum exposure to volatility. An effective metering and monitoring system is one with the capacity to get end users, facility managers and owners involved in energy-efficiency measures. The ability to identify and measure energy use is often sufficient to bring about energy-saving changes in practices and behaviours.

EFT offer a number of services in this arena, including:

  Energy Efficiency Audits
  Power Quality Survey
  Metering, Monitoring, & Reporting Systems
  Power Security
  Ongoing reviews of building performance and compliance.