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Simple Installation Saves Thousands ! ! !

Date: 27th January 2014 | By: admin

Having undertaken an energy survey for a Swansea based independent small retailer it was apparent that the majority of their energy consumption was due to an excessive lighting load which was essential to their displays. Following on from the survey we designed a new lighting scheme based on the latest energy efficient lighting.

The new scheme was calculated to cost circa £5,000.00 with a return on investment (ROI) within 1.2 years. This was estimated to provide a total annual saving of £2,500.00, which would be gained for the life of the 7 years warranted period, with an estimated saving over of circa £14,000.00.

Having returned to evaluate actual energy savings it is now apparent that due to excessive heat produced by the original lighting installations that at present the air conditioning system, that previously was running ‘flat out’ due to the heat gain from the fittings, is now running at a much lesser rate and the savings are actually more than originally calculated.
Although the project cost remained the same, the return on investment (ROI) has been substantially reduced to less than 1 year with savings of circa £4,500 per annum.

“Total saving over 7 year warranted period of +£30,000.00”