Circular Economy

EFT Consult is an industry leader in the virtues of the circular economy BS 8001. The circular economy is where materials and resources are used for as long as possible and then recovered or regenerated at the end of their life.

The circular economy BS 8001 is a ‘world first’ guiding framework. It gives direction to organisations of all types and sizes, and from all sectors on the steps they can take to transition to a more sustainable and circular mode of operation.

A move to a circular economy has been identified as a significant opportunity for all businesses to contribute towards a resource efficient and low-carbon economy, helping businesses reduce costs and risks, whilst generating economic and social value.

EFT advises and encourages people to look at the bigger picture when it comes to the environment and well-being to help create ideal scenarios for future generations. The higher the well-being value of your business and staff, the more productive we can be as a society through implementing the circular economy principles.