BS 8001 Circular Economy

BS 8001 is believed to be a world first and is different to many other standards developed by BSI. It is a ‘guiding’ framework standard – not a specification, such as a management system, or a product specification, which provide requirements for meeting standards.

EFT Consult is an industry leader in the virtues of the circular economy BS 8001. The circular economy is where materials and resources are used for as long as possible and then recovered or regenerated at the end of their life.


The move to a ‘circular economy’ has been identified as a significant opportunity for any sector and size organisation. It will contribute towards a resource efficient and low-carbon economy, reducing costs and supply chain risks while generating economic and social value. BS 8001 will enable organisations to take practical action to realise these benefits.

EFT’s Circular Economy services include:

   Circular Economy Business Model (CEBM) roadmap and development support

   Circular economy strategies and route maps for cities, towns, regions or countries

•   Circular economy scoping studies producing feasibility studies for infrastructure projects

•   Organisational circular economy scoping reports and audits