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Elevating building wellbeing: our pioneering role in BS40102

Date: 7th March 2024 | By: eft

At EFT Consult, we're proud to be at the forefront of shaping the future of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) through our pioneering involvement in the development of the British Standard BS40102 (Part One). This ground-breaking standard, crafted in collaboration with industry experts and spearheaded by our Managing Director, Dave Kieft, marks a significant milestone in advancing global building wellbeing.

Our journey with BS40102 began with a shared vision to revolutionise the way we design, construct, and operate buildings. Dave Kieft, one of the pivotal driving forces behind this standard, eloquently articulates its transformative potential: "If the building engineering community starts working to the standard, it will make a huge difference to the life expectancy and quality of life of millions of building occupants all over the world."

Engineers and healthcare specialists have welcomed the British Standard 40102 (Part One), heralding a new era in the construction landscape. This pioneering standard, born from the visionary 2015 Wellbeing of Future Generations Act in Wales, stands poised to save countless lives and elevate the quality of life for millions worldwide.

Highlighted at the prestigious COP28 climate conference in Dubai, BS40102 is swiftly gaining traction, particularly in the Middle East, where it addresses acute air quality challenges.

The imperative of this standard in combating the escalating toll of respiratory illnesses and chronic conditions linked to subpar IEQ cannot be stressed enough. With over 90% of our time spent indoors, the impact on public health is undeniable. By addressing root causes rather than merely treating symptoms, BS40102 emerges as a beacon of hope for mitigating health burdens and alleviating strain on healthcare systems.

Moreover, the benefits extend beyond health outcomes. Enhanced cognitive function, heightened productivity, and reduced operational costs underscore the holistic advantages of embracing this standard. By aligning with BS40102, organisations not only prioritise the wellbeing of occupants but also unlock significant efficiencies and cost savings.

Our pivotal role in shaping BS40102 exemplifies our commitment to driving positive change in the built environment. What began as a collaborative effort to refine Welsh legislation has now burgeoned into a global movement reshaping industry standards.

With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we've played a pivotal role in shaping BS40102 to address the pressing challenges of our time. From showcasing its significance at prestigious international forums to advocating for its adoption in diverse regions, our efforts underscore a steadfast dedication to driving positive change.

As Dave aptly notes, "There are massive implications for the NHS if engineers, facilities managers, and others improve the design and maintenance of indoor spaces – including improving the ventilation."

Our involvement in BS40102 reflects our commitment to not only enhancing occupant wellbeing but also alleviating strain on healthcare systems and fostering sustainable communities.

However, challenges persist, notably the dichotomy between upfront capital investment and long-term operational savings. Yet, by reframing the discourse around IEQ as a cornerstone of wellbeing, organisations can transcend short-term cost considerations and prioritise sustainable practices.

Central to this endeavour is the robust collection and analysis of data. BESA has underscored the critical role of high-quality data in identifying and remedying IEQ deficiencies effectively. As political and regulatory landscapes evolve, access to accurate data will be indispensable in driving informed decision-making and shaping future policies.

Looking ahead, our focus remains steadfast on championing the principles of BS40102 and advancing the dialogue around building wellbeing. Together with industry partners and stakeholders, we're committed to driving awareness, promoting adoption, and unlocking the transformative potential of this standard.

At Raven Delta Group, we believe that by leading with innovation and collaboration, we can create healthier, more sustainable spaces for current and future generations. Join us as we continue to pave the way towards a brighter, more resilient built environment.

To read more of Dave’s thoughts on BS40102, read his recent article in the Elemental Digital publication, by clicking here.