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No organisation can afford to stand still and at EFT, we keep track of the innovations in technology and thinking that will give our clients a clear and competitive advantage.

From micro grids which offer independent and renewable energy sources to smart controls, process automation and predictive facilities management, there are opportunities for all organisations to gain through new approaches to efficiencies.

Talk to us today and we can show you how your buildings and sector can connect to a smarter future.

Indoor Environmental Quality Sensor

As we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, Indoor Environmental Quality is an important aspect of our everyday lives.

EFT are currently developing a new sensor technology which will monitor and relay information on Indoor Environmental Quality.

PAS 3003

EFT Consult is taking a leading role within the industry, working with key organisations such as BSI, PHE, NHS, BRE, CIBSE and ECA to develop and publish a new publicly available specification standard (PAS) code of best practice for the design of wellbeing performance in buildings.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Working with the Welsh Government as part of an initiative to maximise theĀ  potential of CEA. Leading the engineer Special Interest Group (SIG) we are exploring the global technologies and advancements to pioneer the indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Waste to Resource

EFT Consult have invested significant time and resource exploring innovative ideas and a fresh perspective on the treatment of commercial and industrial waste products.

The process developed is highly efficient and does not include incineration or the need to bury waste.

It reclaims and utilises vital, highly valued chemical and physical components for re-use as part of a circular process model.


The Welsh Government has implemented the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, which emphasises the importance of wellbeing at the heart of decision making. Although this Act is only enforced to public bodies within Wales, it may be referenced by any sector/size organisation that wishes to adopt and implement it as a means to improve health, productivity and wellbeing.

Find out how EFT can support your business today

Tel: 01792 277165 | Email: