PAS 3003

Protecting the health and wellbeing of people

What is a PAS?

PAS stands for Publicly Available Specification. It is a document developed by leaders in a sector designed to standardise elements of a product, service or process.

A PAS is developed in conjunction with a Code of Practice, designed to set the benchmark for quality within a field.

PAS 3003

This PAS gives recommendations for the measuring, monitoring and reporting of Well-being Environmental Performance (WEP) of the building and the building services. This PAS provides an evaluation and rating system, the aim of which is to enhance “Indoor Environmental Quality” (IEQ), thereby creating healthier buildings and improving the well-being of building occupants; including but not limited to staff, visitors, tenants and customers.

It is applicable to all forms of non-domestic buildings, including existing building stock, renovations and new build developments. It covers good practice approach to the evaluation of the services set out below:

• Air Quality
• Light Quality
• Comfort – Temperature, Humidity & Noise

Why PAS 3003?

In recent years, regulatory and commercial pressures have led designers, constructors, building owners/landlords, tenants and maintenance teams to focus on minimising energy costs; not always considering the unintended consequences of, but not exclusively, inadequate ventilation and lighting issues which may compromise occupant mental or physical health and well-being.

With the growing concern over the impact and cost of ill-health and pressures on public services, efforts must be made to improve the quality of building stock to meet the well-being needs of current and future generations.

The building sector requires harmonised standardisation of the health and well-being performance of non-domestic buildings. Therefore, this PAS gives recommendations for measuring, monitoring and reporting of the health and well-being factors influenced by the building and the building services. It includes a multi-layered evaluation system which generates a Well-being & Environmental Performance (WEP) level and identifies areas for improvement.

With factors such as Covid-19 becoming an important aspect of day to day life, management of ventilation systems is just part of the challenge that form part of the PAS.

Be a part of the future

Partner with us and make a difference
Partners will have the opportunity to be nominated to sit on the PAS steering group or review panel and be consulted throughout its development. They will receive a unique insight into the technical specifications and methodology of an industry standard before it is published. They will also be acknowledged in the foreword of the BSI document.

  • Be a pioneer: help draft the first Code of Practice standard
  • Be a leader: working at the cutting edge of change
  • Expand and grow: leverage knowledge to win business
  • Improve your brand: shout about your involvement
  • Show you care: a positive legacy for future generations
  • Innovate: adapt your business plan in advance of change

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