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2014 LED Lighting Market Development Trend

Date: 28th January 2014 | By: admin

Global LED lighting market penetration rate is quickly rising with market value expected to reach US$ 17.8 billion by 2014, according to the latest silver report by LEDinside, a subsidiary of global research institute TrendForce. Compared to 2013, the overall LED light product shipment volume will grow 68% YoY to 1.32 billion units in 2014.

Rapid fall in prices has been the source behind global LED lighting product replacement wave, said LEDinside. Light sources products including bulbs and tubes were most popular in the 2013 LED lighting product market accounting for 38 percent and 25 percent respectively. In addition, LED luminaire demands will also gradually rise in the future, especially in combination with smart lighting system applications and products. Therefore, LED lighting products are expected to further increase in 2014.

2014 LED Lighting Market Trend

Lighting Level Package Market Trend- Product Development and Strategy

Trend One: Rising Commercial, Industrial And Outdoor Lighting Markets
Trend Two: Mid Power LED Market Value To Surpass High Power LED For The First Time in 2013
Trend Three: Emerging LED Specs For Backlight And General Lighting Applications; 3030 and
2835 have An Opportunity To Replace 5630
3030 LED Has Highest lm/$ And Is Widely Distributed In The Market And Most
5630 LED: High Current Spec Applied in Bulbs And Downlight Products
5630 LED: Limited Room For Further Price Cuts As 5630 LED Price Closes To Production Costs
Trend Four: LED Manufacturers Speed Up COB Product Development

2 LED Lighting Market Trend- Worldwide LED Lighting Market

• Global LED Lighting Market Trend
• Regional LED Lighting Market Trend- Americas
• Regional LED Lighting Market Trend- Europe
EU: New Eco-design Requirements For LED Lights
• Regional LED Lighting Market Trend- China
• Global LED Lighting Penetration Rate Generally Increases
• 2012~2014 Global LED Lighting Market Revenue Forecast
• 2012~2014 Global LED Lighting Market Value Forecast- By Regions
• 2012~2014 Global LED Lighting Market Value Forecast- By Products
• 2012 Global LED Lighting Market Value: Regions vs. Products
• 2013~2014 Global Lighting Fixtures Demand Rapidly Growing

013~2014 Lighting Manufacturers' Development Strategies

• Global Lighting Market: Major Manufacturers Only Have A 38.2% Market Share
• Global LED Lighting Market: Major LED Luminaire Manufacturers Only Have a 50.6% Market Share
• Japanese Manufacturers Way Ahead Competition in LED Penetration Rate in 2012
• 2013 European, U.S. and China Luminaire Manufacturers Penetration Rates Take A Big Leap Forward

2013~2014 Lighting Manufacturers' Development Strategies

• Strategy One: Price Strategy
Lighting Manufacturers Actively Cut Prices to Stimulate Market Demand
Global LED Bulb Prices Gradually Approach To Conventional Lighting Product Prices
Wal-Mart Introduces Low-priced Product, 60W Equiv. LED Lamp Has Come To Sweet Point
The Introduction of New Technologies and Materials Will Also Be The Focus For Manufacturers in The Future
• Strategy Two: Bidding And Subsidy
LED Manufacturers Actively Seek Project Bidding and Subsidies in All Regions
In North America, LED Lamps Obtaining Energy Star Rebate Grow Rapidly With Subsidies Intensified
74% Of the United States Is Covered By An Active Lighting Rebate Program in 2013
Cree LED Bulbs Obtained Energy Star Rebate And Had Substantial Growth in Shipments
• Strategy Three: M & A
Lighting Manufacturers Acquiring Channels And Related Technology Companies
Lighting Manufacturers Rapidly Enhance Competitiveness By Acquiring Channels and Technology- Philips / Acuity Brands
• Strategy Four: Intelligence System
Intelligent Lighting Enhances The Products' Added Value
Intelligent Products Development And Total Lighting Solutions
LED Residential Lighting: Promoting Intelligent Lamps And Wireless Control
LED Outdoor Lighting: Promoting Street Lamps Central Control System
• Strategy Five: Brand Image
Lighting Manufacturers Actively Promote Their Brands
Analysis of European Desk Lamps: VIBIA & Foscarini Have Higher Premium From Brand Image
• Strategy Six: Channel
Lighting Manufacturers Actively Develop Channels

Electrical Wholesalers Account For 64% Of North America Lighting Market Sales Channel

Direct-type LED TV Penetration Rate Surpasses 60% in 2014

Spurred by Chinese TV manufacturers’ demands, LED TV penetration rates reached 95% in 2013, according to LEDinside, a subsidiary of global research institute TrendForce. The organization estimates LED TV will completely replace CCFL by 2014, and annual LED TV shipment volume will grow at YOY 3% to 209 million. However, LED for backlight TV applications market value is expected to decrease 17% to US$ 2.41 billion. The main cause behind LED TVs growing shipment volume, but lower market value has been direct-type LED TVs reduced usage of LEDs and its high penetration rate of more than 60% in 2014. Compared to edge-type LED TVs, direct-type LED TVs only uses half the number of LEDs.

2014 LED TV Market Forecast And Technology Development

• TV Brands Shipment Forecast And 2014 Market Outlook
• 2009~2017 LED TV Penetration Rate Trend
• 2013 And 2014 LED Specification For TV Application
• New Lead Frame To Raise LED Power And Reduce LED Usage Volume
• QD Phosphor With Better Colour Saturation Helps Manufacturers To Do Product
• LED Market Value And Volume For TV Application Trend

Tablet Shipment Forecast And 2014 LED Market Outlook

• Tablet Shipment Forecast And 2014 Market Outlook
• LED Market Value For Tablet Application Trend
• Tablets Gradually Increasing Its Share In M/L-Sized LED Backlight Market Value

Smartphone Shipment Forecast And 2014 LED Market Outlook

• Smartphone Shipment Forecast And 2014 Market Outlook
• LED Market Value For Smartphone Application Trend
• Flash LED: iPhone 5S Dual-LED Flash Design To Stimulate Market Demand