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The Government is lending £20m to British businesses through Funding Circle

Date: 28th January 2014 | By: admin

Side-step lengthy processes and borrow from a community of 60,000 people together with the Government*, councils and universities.

Funding Circle has helped over 3,000 businesses access over £200m, without a bank in sight. That's why 77% of businesses would come to Funding Circle first in future**.

Bramley & Gage borrowed £25k from 248 people through Funding Circle so they could buy a new gin still

> 10% of eligible loans funded by the UK Government*

> Borrow between £5,000 and £1 million

> Fast turnaround: Get a decision in 48 hours and your loan completed within 6 days on average

> Highly flexible: Borrow for working capital, expansion, property refurbishment, asset purchase and one-off business expenses

> Great rates: real people compete to lend you money in an online auction to give you best rate

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