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Date: 24th April 2018 | By: admin

EFT consult attends Innovation Summit in Paris

Members of the EFT Consult team recently travelled to Paris to attend Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit 2018.

The prestigious event, which took place on 5-6 April, focused on the digital economy and addressed an array of topics in this area including the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), digitalisation and disruptive technologies.

These key factors within the digital economy are rapidly changing our world and enabling businesses to be more distinguished and efficient. They are also seen as central elements contributing to the fourth industrial revolution, where the lines between the real world and technological world are becoming blurred thanks to technological advancements such as AI.

Over 5000 visitors attended the Innovation Summit from 80 countries around the world, including some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and industry leaders. EFT Consult was one of the select attendees from the UK to attend this worldwide event, showing the company as one of the UK’s leaders in the sector. Inspiring talks were offered by some 70 speakers during the summit, who discussed innovative solutions to power the digital economy.

Chris Jenkins, director of EFT Consult, commented on the event:

“As a strategic partner of Schneider Electric, we were honoured to be one of only approximately 50 attendees from the UK to be at the Innovation Summit in Paris. This impressive event was extremely insightful and rewarding for us as a company that strives to provide the most cutting edge wellbeing and energy management solutions to our clients, therefore helping to inspire a culture of positive wellbeing and healthy working environments.

“Wellbeing, energy efficiency and sustainability are major issues for businesses and the Innovation Summit addressed such matters. How we can use digital advancements to solve the challenges faced by clients were key points highlighted at the Summit, and offered ideas on how we can help businesses to innovate and improve their performance, wellbeing and social value, which is exactly what EFT is all about.

“The event was incredibly useful for us as we aim to continue to implement the latest technologies to offer our clients novel solutions. Such solutions will make their business more resource efficient, differentiated and cost effective for the future, as well as increase health and social value.”