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EFT sponsored team from the Electrical Industries Charity reaches Everest base camp

Date: 1st November 2019 | By: eft

EFT Consult, a Wales-based company that specialises in cutting edge and innovative technologies in relation to the design and consultancy of the built environment, has sponsored a charity team to reach the Mount Everest base camp.

The team from the Electrical Industries Charity undertook the challenge with Omar Kahil of ECA – Excellence in Electrotechnical and Engineering Services.

EFT Consult is part of the RD Group, which also comprises RDM Electrical Services and DRS Facilities and Environmental.

On reaching their goal, the team said:

“We would have felt berEFT without your sponsorship, EFT Consult. Omar Khalil and the EIC explorers applaud you. Just a little note to say a very big thank you! If our legs weren’t so tired, we would run to Swansea to say thank you in person but as we have just conquered Everest Base Camp – thanks to your sponsorship, we thought we’d save our legs and write our appreciation instead.

“We didn’t need any consultation to know Everest Base Camp was going to be a steep challenge, but it was your support and your company flag burning in our backpacks which encouraged us to reach the coloured flags of Everest Base Camp. Omar and the whole team are so grateful for your donation and would like to extend a note of appreciation to say how great you are. From Omar, the Everest explorers and the EIC, thank you.”

Dave Kieft, managing director of EFT Consult, said:

“This is an amazing achievement! All of us at EFT Consult are delighted to see the team reach their goal. We know how much training, grit and determination have gone into making this climb possible and it’s been a pleasure to provide sponsorship to help make it happen. We look forward to toasting the brave explorers’ return!”

EFT Consult is a specialist in helping companies implement the ideals of the circular economy, an alternative to the current linear model of take, make, waste. It is designed to help organisations be more prudent with their use of resources – to reuse, recycle, regenerate, and care for the well-being of people, resources and the planet.

EFT has worked with the BSI to develop a Publicly Available Specification standard (PAS), a fast-track standardisation document that defines good practice for a product, service or process. In this case, it will help companies meet the aims and objectives of the Act and building regulations and planning in line with the guiding framework principles of the circular economy standard BS8001.