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Swansea built environment consultancy EFT Consult joins indoor air strategy group

Date: 22nd November 2019 | By: eft

Senior executives from RD Group, which comprises three Swansea companies - RDM Electrical Services, DRS FM Services, and EFT Consult - attended the Building Engineering Services Association’s National Conference and Awards 2019 on November 21 in the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London.

EFT Consult and RDM Electrical Services attended as members of BESA’s Indoor Air Quality Strategy Group, membership of which comprises manufacturers and consulting engineers as well as contractors. It has been formed to build positive contacts within local and central government and to develop alliances with like-minded organisations.

The aims of the group tie in with EFT’s work to create a new building standards certification that recognises sustainable, healthy building practices.

EFT Consult has been working closely with the British Standards Institution to create the new Publicly Available Specification standard (PAS). A PAS is a fast-track standardisation document that defines good practice for a product, service or process.

The new PAS standard will provide a specification to enable organisations to create a better working environment, help to reduce waste and improve organisational well-being.

Adrian Matthews, consultant, EFT Consult, said:

“It was a pleasure to attend the BESA conference and to take part in discussions with the Indoor Air Quality Strategy Group. Indoor air quality can often be a lot worse than outdoor air quality, even in a polluted city like Swansea. If you design a building correctly you can provide your employees with fresh air and healthier environments while they work, boosting health, happiness and productivity. The healthier a building is, the healthier it is for the planet: healthy buildings save energy and help combat climate change.