Services Rev

At EFT, our core business is the design of building services, around which we add value by our expertise in the following specialist sectors:

   Building Services Design

•   BS 8001 Circular Economy

   Wellbeing Performance

•   Energy Efficiency & Quality

Through offering a unique, resilient and holistic approach that applies economic, environmental, health, cultural and social wellbeing principles into design, we enable organisations to:

•   maximise overall wellbeing performance of business operations

•   reduce operational expenditure and risk

•   reduce environmental impact

   apply the guiding principles of the circular economy BS 8001.

Due to work in sensitive environments such as the MOD and other security cleared environments, we have staff vetted to allow for unhindered access to sensitive security areas to provide a smooth and unobstructed service.

EFT works hard to ensure it continuously keeps ahead of new technology and grows its range of solutions.