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Army veteran to apply unique skillset to energy management and security

Date: 13th March 2017 | By: admin

A former member of the Corps of Royal Engineers in the British Army will translate skills honed on the frontline of some of the world’s most dangerous warzones into the realm of energy, and environmental management and security, following his appointment at a leading company in this field.

Adrian Matthews from Llanelli has joined Swansea-based EFT Consult, a specialist in energy management, power and indoor environmental quality. Matthews has been hired as a consultant, tasked with helping EFT Consult’s current and future clients improve their energy efficiency and energy security, while also promoting the wellbeing of organisations and their staff.

Matthews left the forces in 2003 and has gained considerable experience in business since working in sectors including engineering, mechanics, hydraulics, sales and finance while also gaining considerable entrepreneurial experience along the way.

During his time in the Army as a combat and technical engineer - a multi-skilled role supporting military operations in theatre - Matthews learned about the importance of being self-sufficient and living sustainably, especially when on Army bases overseas. One of his roles was to ensure the energy supply to a camp or base was secure, a mind-set also very relevant to many sectors of the UK economy such as data centres and care homes.

As an ex-combat engineer, he will now apply his engineering skills and experiences since leaving the military to his new role with EFT Consult.

EFT Consult specialises in energy management for all types of organisations across the public and private sectors. The company offers a holistic approach that takes into account economic, environmental health and social wellbeing principles to enable organisations to be self-sustainable whilst saving money.

The company promotes the virtues of a so-called circular economy, whereby materials and resources are used for as long as possible and then recovered or regenerated at the end of their life. In the context of energy management, this means adopting greener technologies, storing energy, minimising energy waste, recycling energy where possible and enduring all aspects of a business are as efficient as possible.

Adopting this approach can also lead to much wider and very tangible benefits for companies. These include economic gains, usually through cheaper bills and the greater efficiency of staff; environmental health, thanks to better lighting and air quality; and social wellbeing.

Matthews commented:

“I’m pleased to be part of EFT Consult as a company that really wants to make a difference to organisations from all industries while also helping their local environment.

“Energy security and energy efficiency are relevant to all sectors and organisations of all sizes. I want to help encourage people to look at the bigger picture when it comes to the environment and wellbeing, to help create ideal scenarios for future generations. The higher the wellbeing value of businesses and their staff, the more productive we can be as a society through implementing the circular economy principles.”

Matthews is also part of a research group whereby professionals in fields including the environment, economics, business and medicine, examine different aspects of social wellbeing. He feels it is crucial to revolutionise industry standards to establish improved environmental health and social wellbeing for the future.

Chris Jenkins, director of EFT Consult, commented:

“Adrian is highly experienced in energy management and has demonstrated how he can use his engineering skills gained in the military to help create better environmental and wellbeing standards within our target market. He is incredibly passionate about social wellbeing and therefore shares this value with EFT Consult as a company.”