PAS3003 – ECA

PAS3003 – ECA

Date: 13th November 2020 | By: eft

The ECA are happy to actively support the creation of PAS 3003. A specification that introduces the idea of measuring the impacts on health and well-being performance of any size non-domestic buildings. 

Shahid Khan, Technical Manager for the ECA remarked, that the ECA’s involvement with the PAS shows their drive towards being a leading organisation with the wider built environment sector by embracing new avenues of work for their members. It clearly demonstrates a commitment towards improving the mental and physical health and well-being of occupants due to issues such as inadequate ventilation or poor levels of lighting. 

He went on to say that the PAS document is aimed at the majority of members within this space, as a straightforward easy to understand and implement framework to adopt and measure the impacts of both new and existing building stock on the health and well-being of users.  

The matrices within the PAS align with current thinking and in some cases can be shown to be leading other building performance standards with the input of very influential stakeholders.